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Your skills, your Work

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Tips on presenting your skills

Tips on presenting your skills

Think of things that you can do professionally or as a result of experiences. These should be hard skills acquired from learning backed by experience or vice versa.

  • Showcase Your Skills

    A freelance client is looking for talents and skills,. Present your specializations and expertise in your profile.

  • Support Your Skills with Experiences

    In your portfolio, exhibit your skills-aligned experiences. Visual expression is good but if not creatively show your experiences.

  • Present your certifications

    This is proof that you're proficient in your experiences. E.g. Practice in Health & Safety should be supported with certification.

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<h3><strong>Work That Goes With You, Anywhere!</strong></h3> <h3><strong>Work That Goes With You, Anywhere!</strong></h3>
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Work That Goes With You, Anywhere!

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